About Us

Brokerterminal.com was founded with a passion to help everyone in the real estate industry, including investors, buyers, real estate agents, and anyone linked to the Dubai real estate market. The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for the founder to create something to support the industry during a difficult time.

The goal of Brokerterminal.com is to bring real estate brokers together under one platform, where they can collaborate, share knowledge, and grow together. The platform operates on 8 different channels, each dedicated to a specific area in Dubai, with area specialists and RERA registered brokers. The channels include Alqudra, Palm Jumeirah, Marina, Villas & Townhouses, and more.

With its online version, Brokerterminal.com provides market insights and information on every property sold in Dubai, with over 500 charts to help agents understand the market better. The website also allows agents to sign up and list their properties, and has partnerships with Dubai real estate companies to import listings from their CRM links.

Brokerterminal's mission is to empower real estate agents and provide them with the knowledge and technology they need to succeed. The platform is dedicated to collaboration and growth, rather than competition, and has over 2,000 online members across its different channels.

In the future, Brokerterminal aims to bring real estate brokers from Europe to work with their counterparts in Dubai, and is already working with members across the globe to achieve this goal. The company is committed to growing together, practicing ethics, and understanding the real estate market trends.