Dubai's robust economy and attractive investment environment make it an ideal location for businesses looking to establish a presence in the Middle East.

 Under the recent 90-day secondary market analysis, Dubai's office property market revealed some interesting insights. During this period, a total of 63 transactions were recorded, worth a total of AED 71.7 million. There were no transactions in the ultra-luxury or elite price ranges of 50M+ and 20M-50M, respectively, while the affordable range of 500K-5M saw the majority of transactions. Out of the 63 transactions, 54 of them fell into the affordable range, with Business Bay and Jumeirah Lake Towers being the most popular locations. Business Bay had 26 transactions worth AED 31.1 million, while Jumeirah Lake Towers had 24 transactions worth AED 23.4 million. The Greens, Jebel Ali First, Trade Center First, and Jumeirah Village Circle also had a few transactions in this range.

Looking at the top locations for office property in Dubai based on sales value, Business Bay topped the list with 32 transactions worth AED 39 million, followed by Jumeirah Lake Towers with 26 transactions worth AED 23.9 million. The Greens, Jebel Ali First, Trade Center First, and Jumeirah Village Circle also had a few transactions in this range.

However, in terms of the number of transactions, Business Bay and Jumeirah Lake Towers were again the most popular locations.

Finally, analyzing the top projects for office property in Dubai based on sales value, the Oberoi Centre had the most valuable transactions, with two deals worth AED 9.8 million. Bay Square 1 had three transactions worth AED 8 million, while Swiss Tower had three transactions worth AED 5.3 million. Silver Tower had the most number of transactions, with eight deals worth AED 5.1 million. The Onyx Tower 2, Platinum Tower, and Silver (AG) Tower were also among the top projects. In terms of the number of transactions, Silver Tower had the highest number, followed by Platinum Tower and 1Lake Plaza Tower. Tamani Arts Tower, Bay Square 1, and Swiss Tower also saw a few transactions. This 90-day secondary market analysis of office property in Dubai shows that while the market still offers plenty of opportunities, buyers seem to be focusing more on affordable properties in popular locations. Business Bay and Jumeirah Lake Towers are still the most preferred areas for office property, while Silver Tower, Platinum Tower, and 1Lake Plaza Tower are the top projects based on the number of transactions.

As Dubai continues to attract businesses from around the world, the demand for office space is likely to remain high, providing investors with a reliable source of passive income.

Finally, owning an office property in Dubai can also offer long-term appreciation potential. As the city continues to grow and develop, property values are likely to increase, providing investors with valuable assets that can appreciate over time.

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