The Alqudra channels are a platform for real estate agents to connect with buyers and sellers in specific areas in Dubai. To maintain the quality of the channels and ensure a positive experience for all members, there are certain types of posts that are permitted and prohibited on the channels.

Allowed Posts:

  • Agents can post properties for sale or buyer requirements in specific projects and areas listed in the channels. This allows agents to connect buyers and sellers in specific locations and ensure that properties are being marketed to the appropriate audience.

Not Allowed Posts:

  • Agents are not allowed to contact sellers directly after sharing property details with other agents. This ensures that all agents have an equal opportunity to work with the property and protects the commission of the agent who initially shared the property details.
  • Agents cannot post properties or buyer requirements outside of the specified areas in the channels. This keeps the channels focused on specific locations and helps agents to find the right buyers and sellers.
  • Agents are not allowed to post more than one photo or video in the channel. This keeps the channels organized and easy to navigate.
  • Agents cannot repeat the same property post unless there is a change in price. This prevents clutter in the channels and ensures that buyers and sellers are seeing the most up-to-date information.
  • Job postings or seeking job opportunities are not allowed on the channel. This helps to keep the channels focused on real estate transactions and avoids confusion for members.

It's important for agents to read and understand these guidelines to ensure that their posts are compliant and to make the best use of the channels.


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