Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a popular residential, commercial, and retail development in Dubai, UAE. A recent 90-day secondary market analysis of JLT reveals some interesting statistics and trends in the real estate market.

In the residential property sector, there were 6438 transactions worth 11.5 billion dirhams in Dubai while within JLT, alone, there were 278 transactions worth 284.9 million dirhams. The top projects in JLT by the number of transactions were,

Seven City JLT (34 transactions), Goldcrest Views 1 (15 transactions), Concorde Tower (15 transactions), Lake View Tower (11 transactions), MBL Residence (10 transactions), Lake Terrace Tower (9 transactions), Lake City Tower (9 transactions), New Dubai Gate Tower 2 (9 transactions), Icon Towers 2 (9 transactions), and Goldcrest Views 2 (8 transactions).

Notably, JLT ranked among the top ten locations in Dubai for residential property transactions, and Seven City JLT was among the top ten projects in Dubai.

Moving on to the commercial property sector, there were 103 transactions worth 111.7 million dirhams in Dubai. Within JLT, there were 46 transactions worth 40.4 million dirhams. The top 10 projects in JLT by the number of transactions were HDS Business Tower (9 transactions), Mazaya Business Avenue AA1 (5 transactions), Platinum Tower (4 transactions), 1 Lake Plaza Tower (4 transactions), Fortune Tower (3 transactions), HDS Tower (3 transactions), Swiss Tower (3 transactions), Gold Tower (2 transactions), Tiffany Tower (2 transactions), and Preatoni Tower (Dubai Star Tower) (2 transactions). JLT came in second in Dubai for both sales value and the number of transactions in the commercial property sector.

HDS Business Tower and Swiss Tower were among the top projects for offices in Dubai.

In the retail property sector, there were 12 transactions worth 25.1 million dirhams in Dubai. Within JLT, there were only 2 transactions worth 2.4 million dirhams. The top 2 projects in JLT by the number of transactions were Indigo Tower (1 transaction) and Wind Towers 2 (1 transaction).

Both of these projects were among the top projects in Dubai for retail property, while JLT was among the top locations for retail property in Dubai.

Despite the high demand and value in JLT, all the properties sold in the area were within an affordability range of 500,000 to 5 million dirhams, making it an attractive location for a wide range of buyers.

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