Over the past 90 days, the primary market at Damac Lagoons has recorded a total of 1,224 transactions worth AED 3.9 billion across six different projects: Malta 1, Nice 1, Ibiza, Malta 2, Marbella, and Monte Carlo. The most popular choices among buyers were 4 and 5-bedroom villas, with Marbella recording the highest number of transactions (343) worth AED 758.7 million.

Amounting to AED 3.9 billion. Let's take a look at the transactions recorded in each of the projects within Damac Lagoons.

  • The Malta 1 project recorded 41 transactions, amounting to AED 123.1 million. Out of these transactions, 15 were for 2-bedroom villas, 1 for a 3-bedroom villa, 20 for 4-bedroom villas, 4 for 5-bedroom villas, and 1 for a 6-bedroom villa.
  • The Nice 1 project recorded a total of 171 transactions, worth AED 1.4 billion. Out of these transactions, 1 was for a 3-bedroom villa, 22 were for 4-bedroom villas, 129 transactions were for 5-bedroom villas, and 19 were for 6-bedroom villas.
  • The Ibiza project recorded a total of 223 transactions, amounting to AED 554.4 million. Out of these transactions, 31 were for 2-bedroom villas, 33 for 3-bedroom villas, and 86 for 4-bedroom villas.
  • The Malta 2 project recorded a total of 15 transactions, worth AED 56.6 million. Out of these transactions, 6 were for 2-bedroom villas, 1 was for a 3-bedroom villa, 4 were for 4-bedroom villas, and 4 for 5-bedroom villas.
  • The Marbella project recorded a total of 343 transactions, amounting to AED 758.7 million. All of these transactions were for 4-bedroom villas.
  • Finally, the Monte Carlo project recorded only one transaction, worth AED 2.1 million, for a 4-bedroom villa.

Overall, these transactions provide valuable insights into the preferences of buyers at Damac Lagoons. It appears that the 4 and 5-bedroom villas are the most popular choices among buyers.

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