International City is a vibrant residential and commercial community located in the heart of Dubai. It is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, diverse population, and unique architectural designs inspired by different countries. The community is strategically located near major highways and key landmarks, making it easily accessible to residents and visitors alike.

Based on the 90-day secondary market analysis of International City in Dubai, we have found a total of 372 transactions amounting to AED 114.3 million. This is part of the 6,128 total apartment transactions worth AED 10 billion in Dubai.

Breaking down the transactions in International City, we found that Emirates Cluster 3 had the highest number of transactions with 16, followed by Lawnz Residence Block 2 with 10, and Italy Cluster U02 with 9 transactions. Lawnz Residence Block 1 and CBD 05 Supreme Residency tied at 8 transactions each, followed by CBD 32 Classic Apartment, Emirates Cluster 4, Emirates Cluster 8, and Tabeer 1 with 6 transactions each. France Cluster P07 had the least transactions with 5.

For retail properties, there were 5 transactions in International City amounting to AED 2.1 million, out of a total of 12 retail property transactions worth AED 25.1 million in Dubai.

Notably, International City is in the top rankings for retail property locations based on sales value, coming in at 5th place. In terms of the number of transactions, International City is ranked 1st. The list of transactions includes Morocco Cluster J02, Persia Cluster N01, England Cluster Y16, Russia Cluster V16, and England Cluster Y25, each with 1 transaction.

Finally, we observed that even the highest-value transactions in International City were within the price range of AED 500,000 to AED 5 million, indicating that the apartments were affordable and within the range of most buyers.

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