Dubai's "10 Years Golden Visa" program is a game-changer for investors looking to secure a long-term stay in the city. This program, designed for individuals who invest in a property valued at AED 2 Million plus, not only offers a decade-long residency in Dubai but also has a significant impact on the real estate market in the city.

Recent statistics show that a substantial number of investors are investing in properties valued in the AED 2 million-plus range, indicating a growing interest in the program. The allure of long-term residency in Dubai is the primary attraction for investors. Moreover, investors in this category are making calculated investments to maximize their returns on investment by carefully considering properties with a long-term vision.

By exploring the 90 Days Secondary market section, one can observe various investment options and their transaction activities to make a quick and effective comparison.

  • Ultra-luxury category (investment range of 50M+) has 13 transactions in the Villa category, which surpasses the other categories.

The apartments category and residential land category follow with only one transaction each.

  • Elite range (investment range of 20M to 50M) has 48 transactions in the Villa category, followed by the apartments category with 21 transactions.

The serviced/hotel apartments category and residential land category have two transactions each.

  • Premium range (investment range of 10M to 20M) has 125 transactions in the Villas category, followed by the apartments category with 43 transactions.

Villa plot category has 13 transactions, and the serviced/hotel apartments category has nine transactions.

The residential land category has only two transactions.

  • Affordable range (investment range of 500K to 5M) has the highest number of transactions in the apartment category with 4561 transactions.

The villa category follows with 1439 transactions.

The serviced/hotel apartments category has 243 transactions, and the office category has 54 transactions.

The villa plot category has 40 transactions, and the residential land category has 14 transactions.

The shop category has only three transactions.

The analysis indicates that the market is crowded in the investment range of 500K to 5M, which is directly linked to the opportunity of obtaining the 10-year golden visa.


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