Broker Terminal Al Qudra Channel - A Hub for Real Estate Agents in Dubai's Thriving Communities

The Broker Terminal Al Qudra Channel is a platform for real estate agents to connect and share information about properties located in the thriving communities along Al Qudra Road in Dubai. From new developments to established communities, this channel provides agents with a wealth of information to help them better serve their clients. To ensure a positive experience for all members and maintain the quality of the channel, there are specific guidelines and best practices that agents should follow.

Guidelines and Best Practices for Using the Channel:

  1. Allowed Posts: Agents are permitted to post properties for sale, rent or buyer requirements in the communities located along Al Qudra Road.
  2. Not Allowed Posts: Agents are not allowed to contact sellers directly, repost messages into other groups, post properties or buyer requirements outside the specified areas, post more than one photo or video, repeat the same property post without a change in price, or post job postings or job seeking opportunities.
  3. Do not repost any member's property without their approval to any other WhatsApp group.
  4. Do not seek the property details and call the owners to find out which property it was. The market is small, and we all know each other. If you bypass agents and take the property details, your account will be permanently suspended.
  5. Introduction: Agents should introduce themselves and write to-the-point discussions.
  6. A2A Agreements: Agents should sign A2A agreements.
  7. Positive Discussions: Agents should avoid negative discussions.
  8. Follow Up: Agents should follow up with members after sharing details.
  9. Respect: Agents should respect other members.
  10. Avoid Indirect Property or Buyer Requirements: Agents should avoid indirect property or buyer requirements.
  11. Avoid Manipulative Practices: Agents should avoid any manipulative practices.
  12. Avoiding Duplication: Posting more than one photo or video or repeating the same property post without a change in price is discouraged.

Mandatory Requirements for Membership:

  1. Individual account registration on is mandatory.
  2. RERA certification is a must for all members.
  3. Members who have referred their colleagues to join Broker Terminal must ensure that their information in the user profile is accurate.
  4. False information provided during verification will result in immediate suspension of membership.
  5. Misbehavior, misconduct, disrespectful behavior, or talking in a disrespectful manner to other members will result in immediate suspension of membership upon reporting by other members.
  6. Members are expected to reply to messages promptly and to show respect for all other members at all times.
  7. Failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension of membership. The community of values respect and professionalism above all else.

In conclusion, the Broker Terminal Al Qudra Channel is a hub for real estate agents in Dubai's thriving communities located along Al Qudra Road. By following the guidelines and best practices, agents can ensure a positive experience for all members and make the best use of the channel.


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