The real estate industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with businesses struggling and everyone uncertain about the future. But for one determined founder, this dark period became the catalyst for something great. With a passion for helping others and a wealth of knowledge and experience, the founder decided to create something that would bring the real estate community together.

With this mission in mind, the founder formed Broker Terminal, an innovative platform designed to connect real estate agents, buyers, and investors in Dubai. Instead of competition, Broker Terminal encourages collaboration and sharing, helping everyone in the industry to work together and grow together.

Starting with eight different channels covering specific areas in Dubai, Broker Terminal quickly proved its worth. One channel alone, the Alqudra Channel, sold over AED 2 billion worth of properties with the help of its 255+ members. And the best part? Broker Terminal doesn't earn a penny from these sales – its mission is simply to support and empower the real estate community.

Today, Broker Terminal has an online platform that provides market insights, allows agents to import listings from their CRMs, and even offers individual accounts for agents to list their properties. With over 2,000 members and growing, Broker Terminal's mission of collaboration and growth continues to thrive.

And the founder's ambitions don't stop there. With plans to bring real estate brokers from Europe into the Broker Terminal community, the future looks bright for this innovative platform.

The story of Broker Terminal is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and collaboration. In a time when the world was struggling, one person saw the opportunity to bring people together and make a positive impact. And that is truly inspiring.


BrokerTerminal is the largest real estate website in the UAE with a wide range of residential and commercial properties for sale and for rent. Browse the huge inventory properties by starting your property search today on BrokerTerminal!

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