For the best of all, we have created reasonable guideline which suites every member and help to maintain the quality of the channels, please request each of you to read and go through 1/1. We differentiate in two sections allowed : not allowed & what kind of updates on regular basis you will be getting…

So lets talk whats allowed.

We have shared the list of all projects in each Area, and all the areas in two seperate headings so if you have any property for sale in these projects or any buyer looking to buy property in these projects you can continue posting your properties or buyer requirement. Do not post anything else other than that.

Not Allowed.

Upon sharing the property details to the agent, you should not contact or try direct approach to seller..

You are not allowed to list property or buyer requirement in this channel other than the area specified in each channel, do not send more than 1 video or 1 photo in the Channel.

do not repeat the same property, however you can repeat it again if there is change in price.. do not advertise any job posting requirement or seeking job, think before you reply privately to each post,

Avoiding Duplication: Posting more than one photo or video or repeating the same property post without a change in price is discouraged.

Best way to use the channels.

introduce yourself, and write to the point discussions related to property or requirement, Always sign A2A agreement to protect your commission.. Do not engage in negative discussion, you have the right to deal or not to deal with anyone, if incase you do not feel satisfy with agent, simply write you need more time and comfort to engange.. or express your insecurity to other member.. always follow up with a member after sharing the details, it is normal practice and habit that we engage in so many discussions that we just simply forget to reply to member. Respect the members and avoid any disrespectful mannners and discussion in the event of any negative talks or rude behavior you must raise a complain about the member to the admins to take prompt actions…

Do not post indirect property or indirect buyer requirement, if in case you have any indirect buyer or indirect property, ask the other member to take his commission from seller or only offer properties which is in full control of broker or the poa or the commission is paid from seller to that agent , it is not important that every seller pay commission, in some cases there are possibilities that agents agree on dividing the commission into 3.. it depends on your negotiation skills and comfort level and relationship level with the broker..

Money is a powerful tool, and everyone wants to earn money and willing to do it whatever it takes to do so at any cost, so its important to understand there is a pressure on each ot us, there are relationships builds with clients and each members have spent years and years, its disappointing to provide fake information, and to offer non serious seller properties or to offer serious property details to non serious buyers to get fake offer and than to seek buyer,, lot of agents use extreme manipulation and create fake stories and believe that this might find its way to close deal this is absolutely wrong practice, this is one of the reason that any member agent using this practice is suffering from closing deals, he has built this habit in negotiations selling property or in daily routine, and with no energy in reality or confidence results no closing..

I emphasise that real estate is one of the best profession in job industry, country economy have great shares of real estae in the growth of their GDP, real estate agent plays important role, works with banks drafting, understanding the legal contents, and many other factor which based on deals to deal happen and handle, including the availability of buyer and seller to match them for the transfer date, terms and condition in the agreement, in terms of method of payments, so lot of challenges, hardwork effort is involve in successful closing.. most of the agents are working 15 hours a day to be in action, and working in brains and keep thinking and finding the best options for their clients and to complete the transactions which is absolutely stress free for all the relevant parties to build successful relationship, so that the buyer or seller can continue working again and again with the same agents..


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