Welcome to the Broker Terminal Gold Channel, a premium platform for the most exclusive and high-value real estate properties in Dubai, where members can post exclusive properties that offer maximum earning potential to agents. This channel is designed to provide the best available resources to our members and to help maximize their earnings in a highly competitive market.

Posting Properties:

  • Properties with a value of 10 million AED or above can be posted. The commission can be discussed privately between the buyer and seller agents.
  • Properties with a value below 10 million AED are not allowed to be posted, unless they are exclusive with the commission included in the selling price. If a member posts a non-exclusive property below 10 million AED, the membership will be suspended instantly.
  • It is strictly not allowed to post rental properties listings or rental requirements on this channel.

Benefits for Agents:

  1. Access to exclusive properties with a guaranteed 2% commission for buyer agents.
  2. Increased earning potential by working with high-value properties.
  3. Increased motivation and confidence in the real estate market.
  4. The ability to provide clients with multiple options to choose from.
  5. Zero tolerance policy ensures a fair and competitive environment for all members.

Avoiding Duplication: Posting more than one photo or video or repeating the same property post without a change in price is discouraged

Mandatory Sign-Up Process:

To become a member of Broker Terminal Gold Channel, you must first sign up by providing your RERA certification and complete the necessary steps in accordance with the RERA regulations. This ensures that only professional and qualified agents are members of this channel.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

Broker Terminal Gold Channel has a zero tolerance policy for posting non-exclusive properties below 10 million AED. This strict policy is in place to maintain the high standards and quality of properties available on this channel. Members are under no circumstances allowed to post such properties, and if reported, their membership will be suspended instantly.

Maximizing Earning Potential:

As a member of Broker Terminal Gold Channel, you have access to exclusive properties with the potential to maximize your earnings. With the buyer's need for multiple options in today's market, having access to high-quality properties instantly available will increase your motivation and confidence in your abilities as an agent.


Once membership is suspended, it will not be readded via the same number or any other number you request from.

By following these guidelines, Broker Terminal Gold Channel will provide a platform for agents to showcase their skills, access the best available resources, and maximize their earning potential in Dubai's real estate market. We hope you make the most of your membership and look forward to working with you.



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