The Dubai real estate market has been buzzing with activity in the past 90 days, particularly in the residential land sector. A total of 29 transactions were recorded during this period, with a combined worth of AED 246.6 million. Let's analyze the secondary market activity of residential land in Dubai over the last 90 days, breaking down the transactions,

Top Locations

The top locations for residential land sales, ranked by sales value and transaction volume, are a valuable indicator of the most active and desirable areas of the market. According to sales value, Umm Suqeim second topped the list with three transactions worth AED 118.7 million, followed by Al Merkadh with eight transactions worth AED 53.7 million. La Mer had one transaction worth AED 16.1 million, while Nad Al Hamar and Al Wasl both had one transaction each worth AED 8.6 million. The other locations in the top 10 were Al Furjan, Umm Suqeim first, Al Khawaneej first, Al Barsha Third, and Al Warqa third.

In terms of transaction volume, Al Merkadh had the most transactions with eight, worth a total of AED 53.7 million. Umm Suqeim second had three transactions worth AED 118.7 million, while Nad Al Hamar, Al Furjan, and Al Khawaneej first each had two transactions worth a combined total of AED 22.6 million. The other locations with one transaction each were La Mer, Al Wasl, Umm Suqeim first, Al Barsha Third, and Abu Hail.

Conclusively, The secondary market analysis of residential land transactions in Dubai over the past 90 days shows a healthy and active market, with transactions taking place across various price ranges and locations. The ultra-luxury and elite price ranges were dominated by Umm Suqeim second, while the affordable range had the highest number of transactions recorded. Al Merkadh emerged as the most active location in terms of transaction volume, while Umm Suqeim second recorded the highest sales value. These insights are valuable for anyone looking to invest in the Dubai residential land market, as they provide a clear picture of the current market trends and activity.

Famed for its opulence, robust economy, and attractive investment environment, Dubai continues to entice buyers and investors from across the globe. The city's towering skyline and world-class amenities make it an ideal location for those seeking a lavish lifestyle. Simultaneously, the demand for budget-friendly properties makes it a viable option for a broad range of buyers.

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As Dubai's property market continues to mature, it presents exciting prospects for both investors and buyers alike. Whether you seek a high-end property in a prime location or a budget-friendly apartment in a bustling neighborhood, Dubai's real estate market has something for everyone. The high demand for both affordable and luxury properties underscores the market's growth and stability, cementing its position as a reliable and lucrative investment destination.

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